Some Health and Safety Issues to Consider Prior to an Abortion:

Before you go to an abortion clinic or visit another abortion provider, you are strongly encouraged to consider some relevant and important safety and health issues.

Confirm Your Pregnancy:

One step you should take is to be certain you are pregnant. It is possible that you are not. We offer free pregnancy testing so come to our offices (10 Du Plessis Avenue, Kempton Park, Extension 2) or phone on 083 56 26 106 (during and after office hours).

Understand the Risks of the Abortion Procedure:

All abortion procedures involves some potential risk. You have the legal right to know what type of procedure will be performed and what specific risks are associated with this procedure. This website and our trained counsellors can help you begin to understand the potential physical and psychological affects that an abortion may have upon you.

Investigate the Qualifications of the Abortion Provider:

Find out the name of the doctor who will perform your abortion procedure. Make sure that the person who will perform the abortion is a licensed physician and a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist. Also, make sure that the abortion doctor has appropriate privileges to admit you to a hospital in the event that there are any complications.

Maintain the Right to Say “No”:

You can change your mind at any time, right up until the abortion has begun. Abortion is almost always an elective procedure.

You have every right to say, “I’ve changed my mind,” while you are in the waiting room or on the table awaiting the abortion.

Saying “Stop!” is your right. Don’t feel pressured into having the abortion if you’ve decided against it or just want time to reconsider.

If you have just had an abortion, it is really important that you take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and follow any post-surgery instructions. Do not hesitate to seek medical help if something just doesn’t “feel right.”

Maybe it’s been a while since your abortion but you find yourself struggling or hurting in some way. Whether you’ve just had an abortion or whether it’s been months or years since your abortion, we are here to help you.

We offer compassionate, confidential, non-judgmental help.

We’re here 24/7 so you can call when you feel ready to talk.

Please let us help you.

Are you hurting because of an abortion?

Women who have experienced abortion and who hurt emotionally afterwards, often share some common feelings and life experiences. If you are struggling because of an abortion, you are not alone. Many women have felt the way you do.